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My name is Lauwinda, CEO and Co-Founder of Baron Rides. My mother and I moved to the US from Haiti when I was a teenager, and I struggled to find a community here during my high school years. Once I enrolled at my community college, my transportation issues led me to connect with my Co-Founder, Pietra. Together, we are committed to building communities and providing equal opportunities to riders and drivers through Baron Rides.

Baron Rides is a community carpooling service that prioritizes community togetherness, increases safety, and saves riders and drivers time and money while being inclusive. Students across many colleges are dropping out due to the high costs of commuting and transportation limitations.

Transportation issues have affected the mental and physical well-being of commuters in schools and professional settings. Baron Rides offers a solution by enabling college students and commuters to carpool from the same town to their respective institutions by scheduling rides in advance. 

I am passionate about connecting and serving others, and I invite you to support our mission by becoming an ambassador or sponsor on college campuses.

Who are Ambassadors & Sponsor?

Ambassadors are college students willing to recruit riders and drivers on campuses in exchange for a sponsored rideshare package. Become an ambassador and get your semester commute covered.

Sponsors are individuals willing to sponsor the ambassadors' rideshare package during their recruitment efforts. Sponsors can support one or many ambassadors across any college campus.

Thank you for your interest in Baron Rides!

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